A sustainable approach to your business has never been more important !

You have the opportunity to make right choices in your business and your lives – Choices that could have a great impact on the future of humans and the planet.

The key is to understand how important your actions are – and start acting now.

No voice is too small.

Our mission is to maximize the business value of your business through our products and services. We give you an even better opportunity to build a sustainable business and put people, process and the planet first.



Construction & Firesafety

Get help with fire safety certification (BK2) in your construction project

Sustainable construction and fire safety are closely linked - a fine balance is needed to ensure fire safety and to be green. Get professional advice to choose a sustainable solution that also puts safety first.

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Get help documenting your work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

Document your work with the UNSDG easily and simply. SAM360™ is a cloud solution that creates an overview of your sustainable goals and ensures that you reach all the way around sustainability and make the results visible.

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B Corp Consulting

Your professional partner throughout your B Corp Certification journey

You have a value-based business and want a B Corp certification. We help you navigate the certification process – and the process after you have received your certification. Goal is to create a more sustainable global economy – and we start locally.

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Sustainability Services

Get help to drive your company's green agenda through effective 360 ° sustainability approach

By evaluating and measuring your company's sustainable processes - we believe, you can go further in the green journey and at the same time motivate your employees to make a joint, inclusive effort towards a green transition.

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