About Us

Your partner in sustainability, firesafety and construction

And when we say partner, we mean it.

We work to create value for you and your company – and we always strive for long lasting relationships and partnerships.

The story behind

Partner Consulting was founded by Suba and Siva in 2020.

We work primarily in two main areas:

Firesafety / construction

Through our work on sustainability and the UNΒ  Sustainable Development Goals, we missed a simple, effective tool for measuring, documenting and maintaining the company’s work with theΒ  UN Goals.

That’s why we started developing one ourselves: SAM360, which we currently offer to companies and sustainability consultants.

Our mission is to maximise business value of your business through our products and services. We give you an even better opportunity to build a sustainable business and put people, process and the planet first.

Your partner

You get a partner who throughout the project focuses on both business development and your product. With experienced eyes, we look at your business and says things as they are. If we see something you might benefit from changing or adjusting, we suggest you do so. We say things the way they are and believe in honesty throughout the process.

You get a partner who looks at the project as a whole and wants you to succeed. Because only when you succeed, we succeed. We are partners – and we believe that together we reach the farthest.


Meet Suba

With a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and Building Management, Suba is your external partner in firesafety and construction.

Suba is a certified firesafety consultant (BK2).

In addition, Suba has a great deal of knowledge about sustainable construction, companies’ work with sustainability and the green transition.

See Suba’s full CV and connect on LinkedIn


Meet Siva

With a Master of Computer Application from the University of Madras, Siva is your external partner in sustainability, green transformation and sustainable IT.

Siva can, for example, guide and guide you in your company’s life cycle assessment and sustainable business process modeling.

In addition, Siva is the idea man and lead on SAM360 – a system that enables you to measure, document and maintain your company’s work with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

Find Siva’s CV and connect on LinkedIn


The International Federation of Global & Green Information Communication Technology (IFGICT) is the world’s largest ICT federation.

IFGICT has been highlighted by the UNFCCC-CDM (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Clean Development Mechanism) as a certified provider of consulting, training and implementation of effective technology in the information and communication technology sector.

Partner Consulting is an official partner of IFGICT.

We are therefore accredited and verified to offer training and advice in high quality and expertise.


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