B Corp Consulting

Partner Consulting helps your company achieve B Corp certification.

You have a value-based business and want a B Corp certification. We help you navigate the certification process – and the process after you have received your certification.

You get a professional and reliable partner who can help you:

  • assess and improve business practices in your organization
  • achieve concrete certification objectives
  • embed sustainability as a core element of your company culture now and in the future

The goal together is to do our best to create a more sustainable global economy – and we start locally.

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How your B Corp process goes with Partner Consulting

1. Book a no-obligation, free start-up meeting

Before we start the collaboration, we hold a start-up meeting to ensure that the B Corp certification and Partner Consulting are the right match for your sustainable agenda.

Together we draw up an agreement that suits you and your company.

It can be, for example

  • project management, where Partner Consulting structures and manages the process leading up to the certification
  • hands-on end-to-end approach, in which Partner Consulting actively participates in the entire process
  • a combination adapted to your specific needs.
2. The process leading up to the certification

Depending on the type of business, size and complexity, expect this part to take 5-6 months.

3. You get your B Corp certification

We help you train your employees and stakeholders in the B Corp method – and set new goals and work towards alternative certifications.

4. Your B Corp certification must be renewed every three years

Get a roadmap for re-certification including strategic recommendations and concrete priorities, so you can strengthen your social / environmental efforts and thus increase your B Corp score over time.

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