Construction and Fire Safety

Partner Consulting

– Your professional partner within sustainability services such as

  • Project management and project review – eg strategy, kick-off and evaluation
  • Fire safety – BK2 and BR18

Firesafety consulting is a natural part of sustainable construction.

When I examine the project with you, you get a concrete offer for the optimal solution in relation to you and your customer’s needs, as well as the sustainable agenda and all applicable fire requirements.

Sustainable construction and fire requirements are closely linked. This of course applies to your choice of material. But this also applies when, for example, you look at the building’s surroundings and their optimal opportunity to accommodate both biodiversity and fire escape routes. It is a constant balance between safety and sustainability.

Sustainable construction on the agenda

– the world makes demands on sustainable construction – and we make demands on safety

You make demands on the construction both in terms of sustainability and safety. We can help you.

Sustainable construction is a discipline where, for example, with SAM360 you can give stakeholders a clear insight into how green your construction project is before start-up and in the entire construction process.

Fire safety is a requirement – and we make sure that everything meets the requirements.

Do you need a professional partner to ensure fire safety in your construction or a strategy for your sustainable construction?

Partner Consulting is your partner – contact us for a non-binding talk about your options.

An example from the construction industry:

With a strong focus on sustainability in, for example tenders and offers, you can use SAM360 to document which of the UN goals your construction project supports and how.

Once you have won the tender and started the construction, you can use SAM360 to continuously document and measure your efforts. And you can pass the access to the SAM360 to the owners/maintenance companies of the building when it is finished. In this way, you help to provide the best conditions for the construction’s green profile to remain in focus.

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