B Corp Certification

Business as a force for good in the world !

CSR and social responsibility are a natural part of majority of Danish companies today. At the same time, we experience that more companies want to do even more – and lack a way to measure efforts.

The B Corp certification is a relatively new form of corporate certification that does not just measure in one dimension. Certified B Corps live up to higher standards both socially, environmentally and in terms of transparency. It’s like Fairtrade, but for the whole company and not “just” for a bag of coffee. It’s like the organic label, but not “just” for a carton of milk. It’s like the LEED certification, but not “only” for a building.

In other words, B Corp certification is one of a kind certification that holistically measures the company’s overall social and environmental performance.

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What is a B Corp?

B Corp stands for Benefit corporation. B Corps are a type of company with a higher purpose. They have social and environmental goals as part of their strategy.

B Corps’ mission is to improve the world by using the power of business.

B Corps are companies that “use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” They are legally designated as a public benefit corporation and certified by B Lab, which is a nonprofit organisation.

The goal of a B Corp is to build a more sustainable global economy that benefits all.

What are the benefits of becoming a B Corp?

Revenue Opportunity: Having the potential to generate more revenue as an earned income as opposed to an environmental cost.

Brand Equity: The company’s reputation will be enhanced by becoming a member of the B Corp family.

Longevity Potential: Being able to sustain their company for future generations because they have aligned with what is socially and environmentally responsible.

Potential for Public Good: Companies can provide products or services that help support underserved populations or communities in need

What does it take to become B Corp certified?

Becoming a certified B-Corp is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. The certification has many benefits, and it does not have to be difficult or expensive to obtain one.

Companies that meet rigorous social and environmental performance standards are certified as B Corp by the nonprofit B Lab.

To fulfil the performance requirement for B Corp Certification, a company must go through assessments, verifications and legal requirements.

Complete B Impact Assessment (BIA)

The BIA is a confidential platform designed to help measure and manage your company’s positive impact on your workers, community, customers and environment.

The BIA assesses the impact of both your company’s day-to-day operations and your business model—both what you do and how you do it. Your responses to the B Impact Assessment determine your total numeric score.

B Corp Certification requires a minimum verified total score of 80 across all impact areas.

Verification and Transparency

After completing the B Impact Assessment, companies undergo a multi-step verification process to determine if they meet the 80-point bar for Certification. It includes initial analysis by B Corp, assessment review calls, submission and verification of additional documentation, background checks etc.,

Once the company pass these checks, it is certified as B Corp and joins the exclusive club of companies that are on a mission and vision to benefit the environment and their employees and community and hold themselves accountable and transparent.

Meet legal requirement

Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on all their stakeholders. B Corps need to make this legal change by updating their Articles of Incorporation, reincorporating as benefit corporations/companies, or making other structural changes. It depends on the geographical location of the company, nature and size.

For example, companies in Denmark will need to add new language (below) to their governing documents to meet the legal requirement for B Corp Certification.

Amendment of the purpose and provision of the articles of association
concerning the consideration of stakeholders

Change of the Company’s purpose

“The company’s purpose is, among other things, in its business and operations to have [alternative wording:” One of the Company’s purposes is in its business and operations to have] a significant positive impact on society and the environment as a whole…”

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