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No matter if you are an IT services organisation or not, Agile has the power to transform your business if implemented the right way. When the method is fully understood by everyone involved and when there is a strong backing from decision makers – Agile teams can indeed transform the work environment, make people’s jobs more rewarding, and supercharge your business transformation.

Our consultants have years of experience in running large scale programmes and successfully delivering business critical technology products and solutions for multinational organisations.

With our expertise in Agile, Scrum, Project, Program execution and Capability building – we help our clients attain maximum value for their growth strategies.

Our service offering include:

Agile Coaching & Consultancy

  • Scrum / Agile coaching
  • Facilitating Scrum ceremonies
  • Review and revive struggling Agile journeys
  • Agile Project and Programme management
  • Interim Scrum Master, Product Ownership roles
  • Improve and implement Agile ways of working
  • Define Agile Roadmap with goals, objectives and results

Projects Execution

  • New Project & Programme kick off
  • Review and revive struggling projects & programmes
  • End to end IT projects and programmes execution
  • Project and programme execution model set up, coaching and advisory services
  • Define Programme Objectives, key results (OKRs) and progress tracking
  • Programme board & steering committee membership and advisory
  • Health checks and auditing of in-flight IT initiatives
  • Mapping business value outcomes to IT deliveries
  • Interim project, programme Manager, delivery manager roles
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Delivery team formation and support with hiring

People and Capabilities Build

  • New capability building to empower business transformation
  • Existing capabilities evaluation, fine-tuning and advisory services
  • Training needs assessment aligning to organizational vision and roadmap
  • Support Performance planning and management (KPIs, OKRs)
  • Interim capability leadership
  • Support in identifying right people for right task
  • Support in candidates screening, interviewing

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