Sustainability Services

Climate change is real and there is no plan B or Planet B. We are already witnessing the impact of climate change which is having a far reaching impact on the people and our planet.

Our service offerings help businesses address immediate challenges to maximize value while integrating sustainability to a company’s ongoing operations.

  • Consultancy and advisory on transition to sustainable business
  • IFGICT – ICT Standard© Audit
  • Sustainability audit and reporting for SMEs
  • Coaching, workshop on sustainability and green transition
  • Coaching and workshop on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SAM360 – Sustainability Attainment Model. 360 degrees.

We have made it easy to document your work with UN sustainable development goals. SAM360 is a cloud solution that provides an overview of your company’s Sustainable Development Goals. SAM360 supports your sustainability journey end to end while making your progress and results visible.

International Federation of Global & Green Information Communication Technology (IFGICT) is World’s largest ICT federation. IFGICT has been shortlisted  by UNFCCC – CDM (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Clean Development Mechanism) as a Certified Service Provider for the provision of consultancy, training and implementation of efficient technology in the information and communication technology sector.

Partner Consulting is an official partner with the International Federation of Global and Green Information and Communication Technology (IFGICT). Hence, we are accredited and verified to provide our training and consulting services in high quality and excellence.

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