SAM360 – Sustainability Attainment Model. 360 degrees.

We have made it easy to document your work with UN sustainable development goals. SAM360 is a cloud solution that provides an overview of your company’s Sustainable Development Goals. SAM360 supports your sustainability journey end to end while making your progress and results visible.

See SAM360 introduction video (in Danish)

Why SAM360?

  • SAM360 is a user-friendly tool that can document your work as you move towards a more sustainable company. Your goals, progress and sustainability index score is presented  in an easy to understand dashboard that always shows data in real time.
  • With SAM360, you can set your own goals, targets and see their progress.
  • Our dashboard can be shared with all your stakeholders and used in daily communication. SAM360 is a perfect tool to bring transparency into your sustainability journey and to motivate your employees and stakeholders alike. SAM360 helps identify hotspots, holes and next possible targets.
  • In SAM360, all goals are linked to one of UN Sustainable Development Goals. The result of the company’s actions is thereby directly linked to the 5 ps: Prosperity, People, Planet, Peace and Partnership.
  • Your company’s goals and actions are automatically mapped in relation to environment, societal, good corporate governance which helps decision makers to set goals with a balance and to move your organisation towards real sustainable business model.

Get started right away

Try SAM360 for free now and get started right away. Set goals, enter data and be amazed at how easy the SAM360 is to use. Try SAM360 for free and without obligation for one month.

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