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You want your company to take the right steps towards a greener everyday life, but you need a way to gather, measure and document your initiatives.

SAM360™ can help you with that.

What can SAM360™ do?

SAM360 is one of a kind tool that

  • documents
  • measures
  • monitors

your company’s work on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

SAM360™ covers the social, economical and environmental aspects of sustainable development and makes your company’s results transparent and visible.

Who uses SAM360?

SAM360™ is a simple and effective tool that works efficiently across industries.

Typically we work with:

  • Companies that know how to start their sustainable journey, but lack a tool to document their efforts
  • Sustainability consultants who lack a tool to pass on to their clients

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An example from the construction industry:

With a strong focus on sustainability in – for example: tenders and offers, you can use SAM360 to document which of the UN’s world goals your construction project supports and how, you can also visually portray how the end state of the project would be in terms of sustainability through SAM360™ dashboard.

Once you have won the tender and started the construction, you can use SAM360™ to continuously document, measure and monitor your efforts while visually being transparent to project stakeholders. You can pass access to SAM360™ to the owners/maintainers of the building when it is finished. In this way, you help to provide the best conditions for the construction’s green profile to remain in focus and continuously improve throughout the maintenance phase as well.

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Why SAM360™?

SAM360™ is a user-friendly tool that documents your company’s efforts towards becoming a more sustainable business.

You get:

  • a visual overview through the dashboard, where data is presented in an easy-to-understand graphs, charts and tables
  • mapping your company’s goals with UN sustainable development goals
  • documentation of your efforts measured on the basis of your own target figures
    results displayed in real time
  • clear graphs that focus on your sustainability journey – integrate eg SAM360™ on your intranet and infoboards
  • a tool that can help you identify hotspots, gaps and next possible targets

You must select SAM360™ because it is:

  • easy to get started
  • intuitive and easy to use – get rid of complicated Excel sheets
  • flexible – work with the global goals that fit into your business
  • transparent – shows employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders your direction
  • a cloud solution designed to support your business

SAM360™ connects all your goals to one of the world goals. The result of your actions is directly linked to the 5 ps: Prosperity, People, Planet, Peace and Partnership, just as your efforts around the environment, social conditions and good corporate governance are mapped in the process.

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