Sustainability Services

Partner Consulting

– Your professional partner within sustainability services such as

  • Advice on the transition to sustainable business
  • Coaching and workshop on the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals
  • IFGICT – ICT Standard © Audit
  • Sustainability audit and reporting to SMEs
  • Coaching, workshop on sustainability and green transformation

Sustainability on the agenda

 – Climate change is a real concern and we have no Plan B or Planet B.

We are already experiencing some of the consequences of climate change – consequences that affect both humans and the planet.

Sustainable development is “a development that meets the needs of current generations without jeopardizing future generations’ opportunities to meet their needs” (Brundtland, 1987)

As human beings, we have a responsibility towards each other and the next generation. And as companies, we have an even greater responsibility!

Do you need a professional partner to ensure your company’s green agenda and sustainable transformation?

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