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STRIVE Process Model – The Way We Deliver Value:

Be it a sustainability consulting project, Agile programme delivery or a fire safety project –  we are dedicated to successfully executing our projects in a transparent manner. We follow a home grown process STRIVE that helps us to to deliver value every phase of the project. STRIVE is an acronym we coined for our process steps that drive different phases of our work interaction with our customers ultimately resulting in value delivery and customer satisfaction.

START UP: During this non-binding, informal and free introduction phase, we meet our potential customer for the first time in person or virtually, try and understand their nature of business, listen to their business challenges, share our initial thoughts and ensure our fundamental expectations are aligned. This is a key step that ensures our mission success.

TENDER: We are now in a position to draft problem statement, proposed solution outline, our action plan / delivery plan with scope of work included in a work agreement. With this step, our interaction gets focused towards the problem, solution and end to end delivery model. Once all parties align, contract is signed and this marks the beginning of a long standing relationship with our customers.

RUN: Now that the scope of work and delivery plan in place, we do a formal kick-off, ensure we have a RACI in place to make sure we understand who should we reach out to for what etc., chart down intermediate milestones and agree on communication plan with our customers.  This step ensures we have all the necessary things in place to start the work.

IN-FLIGHT: We are in doing phase now where the focus is on delivering milestones on time with quality, communicate progress to our customers while also keeping watch on potential risks enroute and planning a mitigation upfront. Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation is the key as we generally follow Agile ways of doing things.

VALUE DELIVERY: We would have successfully passed the intermediate milestones by now and are close to mission accomplishment / business value delivery. We sit together with our customers sharing our final deliverables, evaluating the value delivered thus far, understanding our customer sentiments and finally doing an evaluation of value delivered before signing off that contract.

END GAME: We see this step as critical as all other steps in our delivery process. Once we ensure customer satisfaction, we spend time analysing the overall exercise, brainstorming lessons learnt and benchmark. We need to perform this step as part of our continuous improvement agenda.

Do you want to hear more about our process or would like to understand more on how we work, write to us for a free, non-binding and casual chat with us in person or virtual.

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